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Diabetes Destroyer




diabetic.jpgHere is a great article I came across today that I had to share/repost. I have family members who suffer from diabetes and I know how difficult it can be living with this disease.

Here is a great program to help yourself and others deal with this illness and get your life back to normal. Its known as “diabetes destroyer

Full credit goes to Sharlene Johnson and Jennifer Goldstein



“I kept saying, ‘This food will heal me. My body needs this.'”



54; married with three kids, ages 22, 24, and 26; height: 5’8″

Before: 249 lb

Now: 169 lb

Lost: 80 lb

To look at Nara Schiller’s beautifully laid table, you’d never guess that she’s watching her diet. That rich-red “cabernet” in her wineglass? It’s actually a homemade blend of organic vegetable juices. Her fresh menu of brightly colored salads, flavorful soups, and other vegan dishes looks so appealing that even her meat-loving husband and sons decided to try it—and switched to her diet.

Schuler’s focus on healthful food developed in 2010, after she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and learned that her blood glucose was more than double the normal level. Two of her three older sisters already had the disease, and she didn’t want to follow their path of increasing dependence on pills and, ultimately, insulin injections. She refused the doctor’s prescription on the spot.

Back home, Schuler began looking for other options and discovered the best-selling book Eat to Live, by Joel Fuhrman, MD, who advocates a mostly plant-based menu, densely packed with nutrients but not calories. “I changed my diet that very moment, not as a short-term fix but as a way of life,” Schuler says. “At first I didn’t like the vegetable juices and greens, but I kept repeating, This will heal me. My body needs this.” Then she realized that making her meals attractive made them much more palatable. Even something as ordinary as a spinach-blueberry-banana-flaxseed smoothie looked appealing when served in her best crystal.

That hasn’t been the only change in her daily routine. Although she didn’t exercise much at first, her new body has inspired her to hit the gym 4 days a week for 90 minutes, with a mix of classes from boot camp to Zumba.

Schuler has no desire to return to her old ways. “My taste buds won’t accept poor-quality food anymore,” she says. “I’m used to really nutritious food now. Since it’s all low-calorie, I get to eat large portions. I don’t feel deprived in any way.” And there’s an added benefit: “Now I can wear shorter skirts and dresses that show off my legs and figure. My body feels so much younger, it makes me want to dress younger too.”

Nara’s Top Tips
Her get-moving mantra: Take a variety of classes at the gym to avoid getting bored with your routine. In the warmer months, walk outdoors.

Her diet discovery: Blend frozen chunks of bananas and strawberries with a little bit of vanilla extract for an ice-cream-like treat that will satisfy a craving for something sweet.

Her stay-motivated secret: Plant a garden: There’s nothing like the taste of freshly picked organic veggies. Schuler has set aside a small area in her backyard for kale, Swiss chard, tomatoes, zucchini, and other easy-to-grow favorites.

Miriam Geraci Olson
38; married with one child, age 11; height: 5’3″
Before: 256 lb
Now: 144 lb
Lost: 112 lb

On a muggy day in August 2010, Miriam Geraci Olson stopped by her doctor’s office for an appointment. “I brought my daughter in because I thought I was just getting the results of some routine blood work,” says Geraci Olson, who works as a paralegal. Instead she was shocked to hear that she had type 2 diabetes, not to mention high cholesterol and hypertension. “At 36 years old, I was a heart attack waiting to happen,” she says. “All I could think of was my grandmother, who had her leg amputated in addition to several open-heart surgeries before she died at 65, all from complications of diabetes.”

While her physician demonstrated how to use a glucose meter, wrote prescriptions for all three conditions, and talked about the importance of weight loss and diet, Geraci Olson looked at her daughter, then 9, and her eyes filled with tears. “I felt horrible that she was hearing all this,” she says. “I thought, I need to be around to watch her grow up, and I’m killing myself.”

Coming from a big Italian family where the word mangia (“eat”) was frequently spoken, Geraci Olson had long been overweight. But that evening she ate her last frozen pizza (her favorite meal). She quit her fast-food habit cold turkey, started eating smaller portions, and began walking with her daughter most nights after dinner. Still, cooking healthy meals was a challenge until help arrived in the form of Eat What You Love, a cookbook by Marlene Koch, RD. A gift from Geraci Olson’s mother-in-law, who also has diabetes, the book contains low-fat, low-carb recipes that were a hit with the whole family. “I adopted it as my bible and made all our meals from it,” Geraci Olson says.

By November she had lost 50 pounds and no longer needed drugs to control her blood pressure and cholesterol. Within a year, her blood sugar was completely normal and she was able to stop taking her diabetes pills. “I haven’t been on a lick of medication since,” she says proudly.

Geraci Olson has stepped up her workouts, going to the gym every other day. “The adrenaline and endorphins from exercise put me in a much better place,” she says. “I want to keep up this good energy.” Now, when she joins her daughter on amusement park rides at Six Flags New England, “the seat belt actually fits.”

Miriam’s Top Tips

Her get-moving mantra: Add strength training to burn off blood sugar by building more muscle.
Her diet discovery: Set aside time every weekend to plot out your menu for the week. That way there are none of those “I don’t feel like cooking; let’s order pizza” slips.
Her stay-motivated secret: Build in quiet time every day. Take a walk, read a book, or do something else that makes you feel good.

How Diabetes Affects Your Looks—And What to Do About It

Save your smile

Diabetes reduces your body’s ability to fight bacteria, which can cause plaque to build up on your teeth, says Pankaj P. Singh, DDS, of Arch Dental Associates. He stresses the important of twice-yearly cleanings and suggests scheduling them for mornings—after taking diabetes meds, since “the stress of dental work can raise blood sugar.”

Help your hair

Hair needs oxygen and minerals to grow, but diabetes can impair circulation, even to your scalp. The result? Strands may become brittle and dull. Spend a few minutes rubbing in a hair oil before you shampoo. The massage increases blood flow to your scalp, especially if you use an oil with rosemary or eucalyptus, which has a stimulating effect.

Nourish your skin

Women with poor circulation—especially those who have diabetes—are more prone to dry skin, says dermatologist Sapna Westley, MD. “Apply a daily moisturizing cream with ceramides, which help repair the skin barrirs,” she says. Try Curél’s new ceramide-infused Intensive Healing Cream

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Pancakes Are my Protocol — Nikki Korek

Came across this recipe and i have to admit, it looks amazing. I have to try this out.


Who ever said you can’t eat healthy and delicious at the same time clearly had zero creativity. My boyfriend loves pancakes. Our first Valentine’s Day together, where I (aww so romantic) whipped him up a cute batch of Red Velvet Pancakes, was my first successful attempt at making this favorite food of his. I admit, […]

via Pancakes Are my Protocol — Nikki Korek

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Difference in Protein Powders

As you may know, there are many different kinds of protein powders, all of which are unique in their own way. We are going to go over some of these powders, explain why its unique, and when it may be ideal to take it.

1.) Whey Protein Concentrate

Whey protein concentrate is the most common source of protein you will find in tubs of protein. This particular source of protein is not very high in quality, but is recommended for beginners who want to add protein to their diets. Whey protein concentrate is also a cheap option, once again providing a perfect supplement for anyone wanting to increase their protein intake.

2.) Whey Protein Isolates

Whey isolates are one of my favorite sources of protein seeing how I always have it in stock in my own personal arsenal of supplements. Whey isolates are unique due to its quick absorption. Isolates should be taken first thing in the morning in order to get a fast-digesting source of protein in order to feed your muscles and prevent catabolism. They can also be taken post workout due to its quick-digesting properties. I take my whey isolate to the gym with me where i drink it as soon as i am done with my routine in order to maximize growth/recovery rate.

3.) Hydrolysate Protein

Hydrolyzed protein is the highest quality source of protein since it is second to none when it comes to absorption. They possess highly absorbable peptides which are used in muscle growth and recovery. Hydrolyzed protein is also considered to have the highest absorption rate of any protein powder on the market. Once again since it is a quick digesting source of protein, it would be ideal to consume the supplement in the morning and right after a workout.

4.) Casein Protein

Casein is completely different than hydrolyzed protein and whey isolates in that it is a slow digesting protein, usually taking several hours at a time to be completely absorbed and utilized. Casein is a great meal replacement since it keeps you full longer than any of the other proteins listed here. The reason for its appetite suppressing capabilities lies in the fact that it takes your body several hours to breakdown casein protein. The best time to take this supplement is right before bed in order to prevent catabolism for as long as possible and keep a steady source of protein in your system while you sleep.

5.) Soy Protein

Although soy is not a widely recommended source of protein for bodybuilders, it is definitely a reliable source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. In my opinion, soy protein is a great source of protein since it also contains high amounts of glutamine, arginine, and BCAA’s. All of which help with growth and recovery.


Below are links to amazons website where I provide a good product from each respected source of protein above.









Soy protein



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Benefits of Coconut Oil



Coconut oil is one of the best foods you can add to your diet. Here i will list 5 examples as to why i use coconut oil as a staple to my diet.

1.) Immediate source of energy.

People tend to have a negative outlook on coconut oil due to its saturated fat content. Readers fail to realize that coconut oil contains medium-chained triglycerides (MGT’s). These fats that are medium in length are sent directly to the liver and actually bypasses the digestive system where your body can use these MGT’s as an immediate source of energy. My pre workout meal contains 2 scoops of whey protein, a quarter of a cup of oats, half cup of berries, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. You will notice the immediate burst of energy that you will have in the gym. This is very important for people who do not like typical caffeinated pre workouts like myself.

2.) Helps you feel “full”

Adding coconut oil to your diet helps curb your appetite. This is because of the healthy fat content that coconut oil possesses. And since it can actually help you lose weight, coconut oil is the perfect add to anyones diet.

3.) Helps lower bad cholesterol

Coconut oil has a positive impact on your cholesterol levels. The healthy saturated fats help raise HDL (good cholesterol) and helps lower LDL (bad cholesterol). I love recommending this product to any customers of mine who come in with the goal of lowering their cholesterol. So far all i have seen with my clients are nothing but healthy results.

4.) Teeth whitener

Although i have never tried this, but i have read many articles that swear by coconut oil as a great natural way to whiten your teeth. The oil works by removing toxins in your mouth while not damaging your teeth and gums. The plan here is to take a tablespoon of virgin coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 15 minutes before spitting it out. You should do this multiple times a day, or whenever you have 15 minutes to spare.

5.) Mental Boost

Fatty acids are very popular in boosting the efficiency of brain activity. Your brain is made up of mostly fat, and therefore the quality of fat is crucial for brain function. Coconut oil also increases healthy levels of cholesterol, which is also good for your brain!

Below there is a link to the coconut oil that i use personally, it is all organic and meets all the requirements that i need to include it in my diet. Try it and let me know what you think.


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The key to weight loss is… Eating more?



I currently work at a nutrition store in Massachusetts and its amazing to see how ill-informed people are about nutrition. I have been here for 3 years already and the number one question i get is “How do i lose weight? Especially in the stomach area.” Every single one of those customers want a fat burner, or a thermogenic. People tend to believe the hype of new products and have faith in the bogus claims that these nutrition companies make regarding their products. I always tell people that it is not what they think it is, and that these products are not necessary. I always recommend against fat burners since i myself have had a bad experience with them. Anything that brings up your heart rate like some of these products do is absolutely absurd and dangerous depending on the person. In my personal opinion, the key to weight loss is eating more. I realize how contradicting that statement sounds but the idea is to eat more frequently rather than eating more during your typical 3 meals a day.

For example, i currently am on a diet plan that i personally created that requires me to eat 6 times a day. Every 2-3 hours a day that i am awake, i eat. The key component in these meals is the amount of protein that i consume. I typically try to take in 200-225 grams of protein a day, 30-45 grams of protein per meal. I try to keep carbohydrates lower than usual, but i never do away with carbohydrates at any point. I like to keep a 2:1 ratio of protein to carb intake per meal. Protein is the most important macronutrient in weight loss  due to its “thermic effect of food”, which refers to the energy we use to digest food into small, absorbable portions. Protein has a higher thermic effect on foods than fats and carbs. These means that you burn more calories digesting protein than you do any other macronutrient. Another bonus to increasing your protein intake is that it slows down your digestive system. This means that you feel full for a longer period of time, this eliminates the need to snack on unhealthy foods or drink. The typical plan that people should follow is to take in your bodyweight, or your goal bodyweight in protein. Females should consume 20-30 grams of protein per meal 6 times a day. While a male should take in 30-40 grams of protein 6 times a day.

Before i end this point i am going to add one more crucial element to the conundrum that we call “weight-loss”. People do not understand how important it is to stay hydrated. I once drank a gallon of water a day for roughly a month and lost 13 lbs with minimal tweaking to my once hideous diet. Water is the most pure diuretic that we can put on our bodies. Think of it this way, when you are dehydrated, your liver will come to help your kidneys filter out your blood and help produce urine. However, one of the livers main jobs is to break down fat and use said fat for energy. Yet when the liver has to focus its time on filtering out your blood since you are dehydrated, the liver cannot focus on breaking down fat. This makes your liver less efficient in getting rid of fat. With that being said, i challenge you to a 30 day challenge of drinking 3/4ths to a gallon of water a day for 30 days.  Whether you are a male or female, i challenge you to do just that. I guarantee you will feel amazing and more energized than ever before. I want readers to post comments regarding their journey in this challenge.

To help reach your protein intake goal, try using a meal replacement to replace a meal or two each day. Below i will provide a link to Optimum nutritions gold standard whey protein that is a must use due to the high quality, fast digesting isolate protein within each scoop.


For meal plans and diet plans, email me at