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Day 1: Chest Day

I have decided to start listing my daily routine for different workouts that I perform. First I must admit that i have been weightlifting for the last 4 years, therefore i would not expect a beginner to try to do my workout, but feel free to pick and choose certain workouts and incorporate them into your own routine.

Starting with Chest

Workout 1: Barbell Bench press

This is the number one workout for building a huge chest. The grandfather of all chest workouts.

Right now I am trying to gain strength so i am performing 5 sets of 5 finishing out at 275 lbs for 5.

My first set is obviously the lowest weight (235 lbs) where i perform 5 slows reps. Do not cheat yourself, do not bang the bar against your chest for that added push. If you cheat yourself, you will not get results.

Workout 2: Incline dumbell flies

Dumbbell flies are one of my favorite workouts for building a wider chest. Weight for me is not an issue here. As long as i have a strong mind to muscle connection, i can perform these reps with 100% pure contractions from my pecs.

Here i like to perform 4 sets with reps ranging from 15, 12, 10, 10. Muscle-mind connection is huge with this workout which is why i recommend going extremely light (15 lbs) to start off until you feel comfortable to go up in weight.

Workout 3: Incline barbell bench press

Here i like to perform 4 sets with res ranging from 12, 10, 8, 8.

Great exercise for adding bulk to the upper portion of your chest. I lack the genetics necessary for building a beefy upper chest which is why i put my 100% focus and strength into this workout.

Workout 4: Decline barbell bench press

With this workout i like to perform 4 sets with reps ranging from 12, 10, 8, 8.

As far as genetics are concerned, i am blessed with have a big/beefy lower chest. For me, this workout is where i get the most out of my muscle contractions when pushing the bar. It feels as if just my chest is doing the work, this is necessary and critical for bodybuilders wanting to sculpt their bodies.

Workout 5: Pushups

Yes you read that right, pushups are a great way to build up stability in the chest area. Although it does not add strength, it helps add on lean muscle especially if you overload, which is exactly what i do hear. Overloading a muscle is when you use light weight with extremely high reps. Doing this forces as much blood as possible into your muscle which is where the pump becomes unbearable but almost orgasmic at the same time. At the end of all those workouts, i like to perform as many pushups as i can until failure. I usually do at least 40 here. Normally i can do more but after all the work i put into my previous workouts my chest is dead.



Triceps are important to do after chest considering you use your tricep during push exercises. For my tricep workout i like to perform a gauntlet that consists of 200 total reps from 4 different exercises. Each exercise consists of 50 reps performed in a drop-set manner. No breaks in between sets, just drop the weight. 30 second to a 1 minute break after each workout is completed.

Workout 1: Tricep pushdown (triangular attachment on cables)

Here i like to rack the weight for my first 10 reps. After i perform my first ten reps, i drop the weight a couple plates and do 10 more reps until i drop down and reach 50 reps altogether. As soon as i finish the 50 reps i take a 1 minute break and move onto the next exercise….

Workout 2: Tricep pushdown (rope attachment on cables)

This is one of my favorite work out since you push away at the end of your pushdown where you incorporate the lateral head of your tricep. Here i perform the same way as in workout 1, 5 simultaneous sets of 10 reps while dropping weight. At the bottom of this pushdown exercise, try and focus on squeezing your tricep. This will give you the pump that you need for growth.

Workout 3: Reverse grip pushdowns (EZ bar attachment on cables)

This workout incorporates the longest head in your tricep and therefore is huge for growth. Put in your all on all workouts, but especially in this one. Do another 50 reps here while dropping weight. Remember, no breaks in between sets, just dropping the weight.

Workout 4: Dips

Here there is no dropping weight considering you are using your own bodyweight. I try to do 5o reps in less than 5 minutes here. Normally 50 reps in 5 minutes would be easy, but after the burn and work you put into the tricep gauntlet, you will find this workout to be much tougher than it sounds.


In my opinion, having a timer is huge for the tricep workout. I like to recommend fitbits due to their niche in the fitness industry. I personally have the fitbit blaze. I have nothing bad to say about said product. It helps me make sure my heart rate is up, keep my calories in check, and provides much more different aspects that are convenient for the average gym-goer. Below i will provide a link for the blaze, you do not need the blaze, but anything that has a timer and heartbeat monitor would suffice. I will be doing a complete review on the FitBit Blaze at a later time.



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